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What are the Uses for 40-Wide Carports and Clear Span Metal Buildings?

The possbiliities are wide and nearly endless for our 32-wide to 40-wide metal carports. We have customers that use them for agricultural storage, equipment storage, feed shelters, and even aircraft hangers. The beauty of the design of our clear span metal buildings is the freedom that it gives you to create virtually any floorplan layout that you might need as there are no interior support columns that might normally be an obstuctruction. All of the load on these units are handled by the exterior side walls and the open floor space gives you greater flexibility to create most any interior layout that you need. In our image gallery above, you'll see several of these clear span steel buildings.

What are some of the Features and Options for 40-Wide Carports and Clear Span Metal Buildings?

All widths and styles of our 32' wide to 40' wide base units start as a basic metal carport shelter. Customers can choose to add a number of features to these products, such as side panels, gable on the front and/or back ends, fully enclosed ends, personnel doors, roll-up garage doors, and more. For these 40-wide carports and clear span metal buildings, the only roofing style unitlized is the vertical roof system. In addition, all side walls and end walls have the panels oriented vertically, like most commercial structures. All of our 32'-40' wide clear span steel buildings are certified for specific wind and snow loads. The exterior panels, except in the state of Florida, utilize 29 gauge corrugated sheets. Customers can choose to upgrade to 26 gauge panels and it is highly recommended. There are many other great features and options that we offer in order for you to customize your metal building to meet your specific need or use.

Why Should You Buy 40-Wide Carports and Clear Span Steel Buildings from Carport1?

There are several reasons why customers like to buy from Carport1. Many customers tell us that they have made attempts to buy from other companies and that they have had a much better buying experience with our web site and with our staff. One of the reasons for that may be that we try to treat customers like we want to be treated when we are in the market to buy something. For us, and we think you will also agree, that is us extremely important that we listen to what you need and then we will our very best to recommend the ideal, most economical solution. That is what we would want as a customer! We can tell you that we offer best quality at the best possible price, and in almost every case, we do. That is just another one of the many reason customers buy from Carport1. We want to provide you with exactly what you need first and foremost because if we fail to do that, then we have failed you and we've failed our ouselves!

Our goal is to provide superior service, to give you a product of outstanding quality, and to offer the best price possible. Order online or call us and we will do our very best to assist you in selecting an affordable, quality metal carport, garage, barn, or other metal building.

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